Steve Soladoye

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An endless passion for music, for voices,
for discovery, for people, for life.

Stephen’s Musical journey began from a very early age in the seventies when he got involved with St Mary Catholic Church Children’s choir in Ibadan Nigeria. After performing with the choir for a few months and perfecting the art of playing the local drums, he rose to lead the choir under the tutelage of the famous Br. Mathew. Growing up, he aligned himself with the choir of St Patrick Grammar School, Ibadan where he studied for his secondary education. Becoming the Chapel Prefect in his final year afforded him the opportunity and access to the school piano. However, since there was no one to teach neither were materials for self taught, he could not harness the advantage but the seed of interest has already germinated in him.


In pursuit of his musical dream, he found a local music band but without musical ability, he was only allowed to join the band and help with both transporting the equipment and cleaning after performances. The first piece he learnt to play during the rehearsal sessions was ‘Let It Be’ (The Beatles). From then on, he started firmly on the journey of life in music.

After being Born Again into the Christian fold at New Covenant Church, Ibadan, Stephen played and toured with a number of bands while in the University in the 90s. Having privately studied gospel, acapella with rhythm and blues, he was able to use the acquired skills to influence both his private and public worship experience. Through further experience, he became involved with music producing, arranging and engineering at major concerts. He later became the Music Director of a number of churches including Rhema Chapel and Global Harvest Church in Ibadan, Nigeria, using his knowledge to improve the worship experience of the congregation. Currently, he continues to serve as the music pastor at New Covenant Church, Bermondsey London.


Outside the church, Stephen is a savvy and dedicated businessman. He currently manages a number of businesses with his wife. He is married to Adebola with two daughters – Jemima and Timi

Music Producer


My Love 4 my God

“Passon never die. It grows stronger every day”

My Love for my God cannot be measured
My passion for Him runs deeper than the depth of any sea
Softly, I imagine His glorious splendor
As I lay down under the bright sparkling stars

My Love for my God cannot be measured

His care for me, like the mighty blue ocean size
His Heart is large enough to care for all
For each of His creations on the big green earth

My Love for my God cannot be measured
like a living organism, it grows everyday
Bigger, stronger, healthier it becomes

I will not take for granted what I feel for You

My Love for my Yahweh cannot be measured

Since forever, He has cared for me

As much as I have strength, I’ll care for others

Just as the good book has taught.

By Stephen Soladoye © 02-2016